• Inspired by the beauty of the world around her, Amy Butler created bags with intricate and stylish patterns for every woman’s style. Never one to follow “trends,” Amy designs from nature, her family, her friends, and her surroundings. She uses vintage fabrics from flea markets and shops all around the world for inspiration. Amy Butler patterns are fun, funky, and completely unique.

    Made of organic cotton, low impact dyes, and bulletproof construction, Amy Butler bags aren’t simply utilitarian. Besides being useful and expertly crafted, they are a work of art in their own right. Amy Butler Carried-Away Everything Bag Small - Buttercups Turquoise combines two complementary patterns on one bag for a chic, yet retro look. Amy Butler Carried-Away Everything Bag Medium - Fuchsia Tree Tomato allows you to carry all your trusty makeup tools in one fun, jungle-inspired floral bag.

    Amy Butler donates time, materials, and funds to their regional food pantry and Women's shelter. They also support a local educational program for middle and high school kids in Granville for sustainable gardening and environmental science.