• Every woman wants to look beautiful and everyone woman has at least one makeup tool in her makeup kit. JAPONESQUE is a prestigious and professional brand that was founded over 20 years ago. They sell everything from makeup tools to lashes that are both handy and easy to use.

    JAPONESQUE tools are used by many makeup artists and beauty professionals around the world because of their functionality and creative designs. Their products are sold in various featured beauty supply stores, salons and spas.

    Their most popular tool is the Artisan Tweezers Shimmery Pearl - Slant, White. Their tweezers have a sleek design that allows you to get a perfect grooming every time. A great thing about all JAPONESQUE tweezers is that if they get dull, you can send it back and have them recondition it for free.

    Another popular tool is the Heated Mini Lash Curler. This curler is great for anyone who wants to curl their lashes quickly and pain free. With a traditional hand curler, sometimes you end up pulling a few eyelashes out, but with this heated curler, you won’t be damaging anything.