• Paul & Joe started out as a menswear clothing company in 1995 and grew into a cosmetics company seven years later. The brand’s makeup colors are highly pigmented and look good on all complexions. The cosmetics are packaged into retro modern designs, making each product look unique and beautiful. This cosmetics brand was created for women who are confident, passionate and compassionate.

    One of the brand’s most popular items is the Moisturizing Foundation Primer. This product is used under your foundation to give your skin a smooth finish. The primer contains apricot oil and vitamin E to soften the skin. Applying this primer under your foundation will make your makeup last a lot longer.

    The Beaute Face Powder is another amazing product from the makeup line. It is a lightweight powder that sets your makeup and enhances your skin tone at the same time. The product will leave your skin radiant and hydrated. The Paul & Joe Skincare line also has a wide range of skincare products worth checking out including moisturizers, eye treatments, cleansers and makeup removers.