• The roots of Shiseido date back to being the first Western-style pharmacy opened in Japan in 1872 by Arinobu Fukuhara. Taken from a classic Chinese text the “Yi Jing,” the name Shiseido expresses an “Oriental style, Western learning,” school of thought. The first cosmetic product created by Shiseido was a moisturizer, Eudermine, introduced in 1897 and still available today.

    The focus of the company was shifted from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics in 1915, as well as turning attention to product development and corporate identity. Through their “Skincare 1-2-3” regimen of cleansing, softening, and moisturizing, the ideal balance can be achieved for a smooth, healthy complexion. Serpin b3 is a negative factor in the skin which increases its susceptibility to external aggressors. Shiseido products are formulated to suppress that factor and to increase resistance to aging and improve the skin’s level of hydration.

    Please Note: Shiseido is excluded from discounts.