• Yves Saint Laurent was established in 1961. Today it is considered one of the leading fashion and design houses the world over. Since their founding, they have been renowned for their innovative styles.

    Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent
    is the true beauty necessity for giving the look of eight hours sleep with a few strokes. Fine facial lines, shadows beneath the eyes are gone, showing you a face that is bright and rejuvenated. Models and makeup artists the world over rely on this for giving a fresh and rested appearance even after being up all night long. Tuck this in your purse or pocket for an instant touch up whenever required for that on the go lifestyle of yours. Touche Eclat is one makeup basic every woman needs.
    Yves Saint Laurent Pureness Cleansing Satiny Oil Radiance Revealer helps you remove every bit of makeup from your work day or night out by dissolving the makeup, letting you simply rinse it all away with water. Simply apply Satiny Oil Radiance Revealer, with its lightly scented oil, directly to your face and let the gentle ingredients such as bamboo sap and Enantia Chlorantha do their work, eliminating all traces of makeup and excess dry skin, leaving your skin soft and refreshed. Satiny Oil Radiance Revealer takes away the signs of the day while keeping your face healthy and glowing. Please Note: Yves Saint Laurent is excluded from discounts.